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some random updates

just refurbished the system in my old 6288 so that it can read and write chinese now… Lessons learned: Nokia provides bad customer service (NSU doent support most phones?! Wth); phoenix is a good tool… Maybe i’ll upload a tutorial for that someday.

Wrote these on mobile… second time…first time failed coz i wrote too long…


因为有些人的不合作,昨天吃了标准的湖北菜 汽水肉 当晚饭,而将昨天的咖喱饭计划推到了今天。 (顺便向广大群众再次答疑:汽水肉之所以叫汽水肉并不是因为里面有汽水,为什么里面明明没有汽水但是仍然被叫做汽水肉呢?会不会里面没有汽水但是偏被叫做汽水肉,其实有汽水但不想叫汽水肉但是为了迷惑消费者而叫汽水肉呢?请收看本期《走进科学》栏目,走进科学,走进生活。)

——– 汽水肉的分割线 ———–

听说英国是除了印度之外印度料理最正宗的地方,心里异常激动,到了超市发现curry sauce的名字都是印度拼音,什么tikka什么的鬼才知道什么是什么。。。。。。

——– 印度咖喱的分割线 ———

结果是,咖喱相当好吃。土豆胡萝卜洋葱青椒辣椒鸡肉。。。应该是我放假以来营养最均衡的一顿。 饱! 只是咖喱做太多了。。。好好的咖喱饭变成了咖喱盖饭。。。


——– 心满意足的分割线 ———


Two ironies

While boasting for idealism in equity in society, I am spending so much to study at this fucking expensive institute. For wat? So that I can lead a better life. Better than wat? Others.
Why isn’t the government taxing the rich more so that it can use the money to help the poor? Coz if you squeeze them, they slip away to the US. and you lose them FOREVER.



The Pursuit of Happyness