Monthly Archives: April 2007

When all by myself

You feel yourself strong; you feel yourself capable; but you are afraid of failing.
You trust your intuition; you believe in your own dreams; but deep inside you doubt them.
It was only when you are all by yourself that you felt the emptiness, the loneliness; and you feared darkness.
It was when crowded that you feel isolated, not part of others’, not part of yourself; and you feared the sun shine.
Yet there is just no place to hide, no way of escaping. THE END is never the end; and when we say ‘this is not the end’, we know that’s all.

Sometimes ppl say, we don have a choice.
Sometimes ppl worry, we have so many choices.
but why?~ why choices?~ why are we so inflexible when talking about them?
are we really choosing, or has it been chosen for us?
life is always full of surprise, so uncertain, yet so destined to be.

Someone moved on, someone left behind

The title is not so~~~ precise of what is going on, but eventually this is what is going to happen. People are leaving, creating a never  stronger sense of remorse. One day we are going to say goodbye; on another day, we are all going to be by ourselves.

It’s just so hard to bid farewells to people, especially when you may never get to see them again. However, this heavy burden of leaving and being left behing comes back to us, haunts us when we go to sleep; in the darkness you feel the sadness, you feel the loneliness, you feel the longing for a hug, you feel the nastalgia for home…… They call it the eternal return, the philosophers, but what we are experiencing that are left behind for us, is just memory.

People used to say, I lived, and I moved on; but please, when you go on, do not look back; so you will not regret; and you will not see the tears running down.

To close this in a happier atmosphere, I should quote this funny little poem:

I was left here waiting, but I’ll be right here waiting~~

Farewell to those who have left, and all the best for those who are leaving. 

So always remember, ‘Friends are forever’.



有人说When the world turns its back on you, you just turn your back on the world,可是事情不应该是这样。
There is a place for everybody.
And nothing to worry.